tatyana-kovalevichPosition: Advocate

Banking, Finance, Insurance, Securities, Tax

Phone: +375 (17) 2907580
E-mail: tatiana.kovalevich@verkhovodko.com





Education and Qualification

  • 2010 Diploma in IFR (АССА DipIFR);
  • 2010 Educational Institution «Polesie State University»(Polesie, Belarus), «Risk
  • Management» basic course;
  • 2008 National Bank of Ukraine, training program;
    2007 Agency of Regulation and Supervision over the Financial Market and Financial Organization of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • 2005–2009 Belarusian State Economic University (Minsk, Belarus), «Higher School of Business and Management» Faculty, J.D.;
  • 1995–2000 Belarusian State University (Minsk, Belarus) Law Faculty/ J.D. with Honors.


Practicing lawyer since 2001

Practice Expertise

Tatiana Kovalevich has gained a considerable work experience (of over 5.5 years) at the National Centre of Legislative Activity under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Belarus (lead expert/ head expert/ adviser/ chief adviser) with respect to drafting legislative bills and legal opinions thereof on civil, budget and finance, tax and banking laws.

Tatiana has been working for more than 4 years at the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (deputy head of the unit/ deputy head of the department) in the field of drafting legislative bills and recommendations of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus with respect to of the prudential supervision over banks, banking groups and banking holding companies.

Tatiana has experience in preparing memorandums and legal opinions on a wide range of legal issues, as well as in revising and drafting many commercial contracts in different business sectors.

Work Highlights

  • Legal assistance of the investment project on establishment of centralized system of collection, storage and use of oil-products waste in the Republic of Belarus;
  • Legal support with respect to execution with the Republic of Belarus of an addendum to the investment project on construction of heath care center in Minsk, extending the scope of exemptions and incentives to be granted to the investor;
  • Successful representation of a big company under the lawsuit challenging the legality of the order issued by the State Supervisory Committee of the Republic of Belarus under the administrative case regarding violation of regulations concerning precious metals and stones;
  • Successful representation of a big state company under a lawsuit challenging the order of the Minsk City Head Department of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus under the administrative case regarding overpricing the construction works;
  • Successful representation of private auditors in economic court seeking the collection of debt;
  • Representing a travel agency in the economic court under the claim seeking reimbursement of damages from travel operator caused by poor quality of services;
  • Representing interests of Latvian and Russian companies (creditors) in the bankruptcy procedures of the Belarusian debtors;
  • Advising on the possibility to obtain status of the authorized economic operator within the Customs Union;
  • Advising a large Austrian wood-based products producing company with respect to importing promotional goods to the Customs Union;
  • Advising on exporting industrial wood from Belarus;
  • Consulting, preparing memorandums and other legal documents for Minsk National Airport under a USD 600 MLN-worth investment project on construction of an international passenger terminal, paved runway and other facilities;
  • Legal supervision of the construction project based on the intergovernmental agreement for the construction of nuclear power plant involving more than USD 9 BLN-worth investments;
  • Advising on the restriction of illegal import of goods by including the trademark in the Unified Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects of the Customs Union;
  • Advising a Belarusian producer on issues related to protection from unfair competition in the domestic market of the Customs Union and Unified Economic Territory;
  • Advising a Free Economic Zone resident with respect to imposing quantitative restrictions regarding the production of goods within FEZ by the Eurasian Economic Committee;
  • Advising a large Belarusian truck producer with respect to challenging the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia on non-compliance with the competition laws in the Russian market;
  • Advising resident of High Technology Park with respect to tax consequences of changing its legal structure;
  • Advising a large Russian company with respect to accounting and tax records kept by its representative office in connection with the discovered mistake;
  • Advising a large Russian company with respect to incorporating a forum selection clause into a bank guarantee of a Belarusian bank;
  • Legal support with respect to the receipt by the employees (Belarusian citizens) permit of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus for the purchase of shares of an American company as part of their employment bonus;
  • Advising a Russian client with respect to most efficient was of using company’s car by the employees of its Belarus representative office;
  • Advising a large Russian company with respect to running tests of secondary distribution switchgear in Belarus;
  • Advising local authority with respect to declaring the communal ownership title to a left real estate;
  • Advising a company with respect to repairs of aviation facilities and day-to-day activities, execution of investment agreements;
  • Advising the tenant with respect to receiving a permit for placing advertisement on the building’s facades;
  • Advising with respect to authorizing third parties to place advertisements on the website owned by the client;
  • Preparing many different memorandums and legal opinions on various legal issues arising during the course of commercial activities.

Additional Information

  • Participated in forming information data «Laws of the Republic of Belarus» (under the Presidential Decree dd January 19, 1999 No 34).
  • Participated in drafting legislative bills of the Act «On Securities and Professional Securities Market Participants» (2002–2005), Act «On Commercial Companies» (2004–2006), Banking Code of the Republic of Belarus (2006).
  • Participated in drafting the Principles of Budget Legislation of the member-states of the EuroAsian Economic Community.
  • Took part in preparing legal comparative review of tax legislation of the member-states of the EuroAsian Economic Community.
  • Participated in drafting legislative acts of the National bank of the Republic of Belarus regarding state registration, licensing, internal control and risk managements systems of banks, supervision of bank activities, conducting audit examinations of banks, banking groups and banking holding companies.
  • Certified to practice law by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus in 2010
  • The special permit (license) No 02240 / 2930 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus on August 25, 2017




Awarded with the certificate of appreciation by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus for dedicated work and contributions.


Comments to the section on «Joint-Stock Companies» of the Act of the Republic of Belarus dd 09.12.1992 «On Commercial Companies», Minsk, 2006.